Community and Family Development


There is an old saying that “it takes a village to raise a child”. However in the United States today we have seen a slow cultural shift away from this old adage and we tend to more often see people taking more care of themselves and their individual families, long before ever reaching out to those around them in their community who are most in need. Our team of elite leaders know well what is at stake with this effort to change the minds of our communities and to build a team around the teams we are working to build within the public schools, the churches, and within the sports organizations serving each respective community.


Families we will be working with will first be parents of students in the schools themselves, and from there we will look to their involvement and support as a recruiting tool by which to bring more families in the community to supporting our efforts. Within the community itself, we will be working diligently to have small businesses help support our branding message and encourage youth and families to support the effort further from their visible support of the messages we are working to send out to the community, families, and students in the schools who engage with these businesses. We will also continue our efforts in working to gain the support of city government officials, as well as local law enforcement and fire rescue. This effort will be done entirely free from contract and or fees to those we will be reaching out to for support. However, the time it will take to make continual contact and meet with all willing parties will require compensation to those on our leadership team for the time they will be spending making more contacts and organizing meetings, as traditionally the clients we will be seeking to work with are very limited in their ability to pay for our services.



The specific goals we will be working towards in the area of “Community and Family Development” include the following:


1) Motivational talks and seminars for the community and families, with the goal of aligning efforts to be carried out with the public school(s) in that community so that a common message is being delivered along with the goal of gaining support from families and the community to change the overall culture


2) Develop a small parent group that works with school administration to help with the brainstorming and implementation of action items in support of helping to make and maintain a positive school culture that values all students

3) Collaborate within the community (churches, small businesses, police, and fire rescue) to support the branding messages being implemented in the schools so that all messages are clear, concise, and consistent

Services We Provide Our Clients

* Note:  These services are usually provided in collaboration with one of the three previously listed services (schools, churches, & youth sports)

  • Onsite Consultations

  • Motivational Talks

  • Safety & Security Modeling Support for Schools and Churches

  • Youth Safe Environment Training and Plan Assessment & Development

  • Positive and Cohesive Church / School / Sports Climate Development

  • Plan Development for Building Communities that Support Schools,                                                                                         Churches, & Youth Sports Programs

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