Youth Sports


Sports in the United States has evolved greatly in the last 20 years, having become a leader in the entertainment industry as well as incredibly profitable on many levels. However, competition and the will to win has also evolved alongside this popularity of sports, where today we see a very common acceptance and justification of the concept of “win at all costs” which is leading to athletes being coached to be accepting of competitive behavior that lacks sportsmanship, honor, and integrity and at the expense of their competitor being cheated. Our youth are the nation’s future leaders and we need to be shaping them to be the best they can truly be, and doing so every opportunity we have when spending time with them. While the proper moral and ethical leadership should come from the top down (from professional athletes to young aspiring athletes) we are choosing to focus our work and efforts at developing this change from the level of the youth on up to the professional. To date we have worked with two of the largest and longest standing youth sports organizations in the United States and made great strides in just one short year of working with them. These organizations struggle to provide financial compensation for the services we have to offer but are willing to engage more and on a continual basis if we can remove cost from the equation for them, which is why we need to have a non-profit status so that we can seek out funding support from foundations willing to donate to our cause and efforts.




The specific goals we will be working towards in the area of “Youth Sports” include the following:

1) Motivational talks to inspire young athletes to compete in their respective sport with humility, and to display proper sportsmanship and ethics both on and off the field

2) Team Dynamic Training for athletes and their coaches (whole team approach) to reinforce team unity, team cohesion, and gaining a true understanding of how to “compete with oneself, and cooperate with and help others”

3) Consulting services to Youth Sports Organizations to help train volunteer coaches, helping them to better understand the positive impact that proper team building can have on team dynamics and all members of the team individually

Services We Provide Our Clients

  • Onsite Consultations

  • Motivational Talks

  • Providing Safe Environments for Young Athletes and Volunteer Coaches

  • Leadership Evaluations, Training, & Team Building (For Coaches)

  • Team Dynamic Evaluations and Team Building Training Sessions

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Modeling Positive Leadership For Youth