Our Founding Fathers unanimously felt religious faith was a critical cornerstone of a highly functioning and successful Democracy and so framed the Constitution in such a way as to give respect and acknowledgment to God the “Creator” as they so clearly referenced in the Declaration of Independence. With this in mind, as an organization we have worked with a variety of churches and religious organizations and programs (Judeo-Christian) over the years in an effort to help both adults and youth understand the value of celebrating both what we have in common with our beliefs as well as where we have differences. In working with churches that wish to acquire our services, our goal is to support their youth programs and bring the same type of leadership and team dynamic approach as we are within the Public Schools. As with public schools, many churches are limited in their ability to pay for necessary services (especially when trying to provide a variety of options for interested youth) and so we are working to continue to provide all the possible services we can provide for churches, free of cost to each church we have the opportunity to work with.

The specific goals we will be working towards in the area of “Churches” include the following:

1) Motivational Talks to inspire youth to respect themselves and their life, to practice and live out their faith for others to see and bear witness to, and to be a positive impact through leadership and involvement in their schools and communities

2) Training to youth and adults on best practices for developing positive leadership and functional group dynamics to their church leadership and programs

3) Consulting services to the Church leadership on how to bring more youth to their respective churches and how to keep them properly involved and safe from all threats of harm (physical and mental) once they decide to come be a part of the church