Services and Outreach Focus



While the founder of this effort has worked on this mission for over 25 years now, the leadership experience for all team members involved  is a combined 200+ years of experience for direct service to youth (education, coaching, for the past four years we have been slowly and steadily building a strong collaboration effort, networking with various leaders (school, youth sports organizations, church organizations, political, private businesses, and community) at the local, state, national, and international levels. This effort has seen us provide best leadership practices to a wide variety of organizations—from positive team dynamic and leadership training provided to both the private business sector and high school sports programs; to providing better leadership and quality youth and young adult programs to churches; to local, national, and international level motivational speaking events and training seminars to both youth and adult leaders of churches, public and private schools, business leaders, and youth sports teams and organizations—over 95% of this effort we have made thus far has been free of charge to our clients, as we have specifically targeted a client base that we feel is in need of our services as well as having insufficient funds to reimburse us for our time and any resources necessary to carry out of our efforts with them. As we continue to pursue the basic needs of youth, and dig more intently into the avenues where these needs can be most effectively addressed and make a more positive impact on society, we have found that resources and funding tend to be the limiting factor impacting many organizations and their ability to have quality services that can impact the youth they are trying to serve. And so we have dedicated an effort to make sure their needs are met by donating both our talents and our time. However, in the past two years as the need for our services have grown, along with the client base, we are discovering as we seek to help more youth we cannot sustain the effort of providing more and more clients with the free services we have been providing, as we each have personal limits to our time outside our regular jobs and our normal working day. Therefore we have come to a point in our effort where we are willing to continue this work and serve more organizations and their involved youth, but we need some financial support in order to have some basic compensation to run our efforts, keeping it free of charge to clients in need of our services. Having a non-profit business status will allow us the opportunity to seek out funding from Foundations and individual donors throughout the United States who are interested in supporting our efforts.


Our present and continued future efforts to serve our youth in this regard will continue to encompass four primary target areas with specific goals and efforts taking place with each. These four main target areas are: Public Schools; Churches (Any/all interested denominations); Youth Sports Organizations; and the Community at Large (Focusing on Community and Family Development/Involvement). On the following services pages we will outline the details and activities we intend to conduct with this business effort.  

Basic Services We Provide Our Clients

  • Onsite Consultations

  • Motivational Talks

  • Leadership Evaluation, Training, & Team Building

  • Community Partnerships (Planning, Development, & Implementation)

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