“We are not naive to our surrounding darkness, and we don’t want you to be either. Our goal is not

only to teach you of the darkness, but instruct you on how to beat that darkness.”


- Patriots 4 Life, Inc.





Our Founding Fathers unanimously felt religious faith was a critical cornerstone of a highly functioning and successful Democracy and so framed the Constitution in such a way as to give respect and acknowledgment to God the “Creator” as they so clearly referenced in the Declaration of Independence. With this in mind, as an organization we have worked with a variety of churches and religious organizations and programs (Judeo-Christian) over the years in an effort to help both adults and youth understand the value of celebrating both what we have in common with our beliefs as well as where we have differences. In working with churches that wish to acquire our services, our goal is to support their youth programs and bring the same type of leadership and team dynamic approach as we are within the Public Schools. As with public schools, many churches are limited in their ability to pay for necessary services (especially when trying to provide a variety of options for interested youth) and so we are working to continue to provide all the possible services we can provide for churches, free of cost to each church we have the opportunity to work with.





The specific goals we will be working towards in the area of “Churches” include the following:

1)   Motivational Talks to inspire youth to respect themselves and their life, to practice and live out their faith for others to see and bear witness to, and to be a positive impact through leadership and involvement in their schools and communities

Our nation's youth need strong leaders to stand before them, to inspire them, to build relationships with them, and to encourage them to do be the absolute best they can be.  These leaders need to be people who live by the premise that in order for the Earth and people to be healthy and live in symbiosis with one another, that we give much more than we ever take from the Earth and from each other.  While part of this understanding comes from encouraging youth to get out into nature to enjoy it, to understand it, and to respect and care for it, another very important aspect is for them to understand the connection they personally have to it through its wonderful creator, God.  This faith connection not only helps make the connection to nature and all of God's creation in this natural world, but also to all living creatures--especially other people.  

Our motivational talks are designed to help youth, and the adults that lead them to better understand this connection and to achieve it means they have to live differently than the how the world is encouraging them to.  They have to develop better discipline towards removing distractions of life such as technology, and Earthly treasures that blind them from truth and rob them of time that is so precious and better spent in relationship with others and in nature, as it is in these two main arenas where we find God and what we were destined to do in our lives.  All life is precious and must be respected and protected and it is our duty to prepare the next generation of leaders to understand their place in passing along this knowledge of truth to the generation that will follow them as well.  Leadership density is a responsibility, but a beautiful blessing we are excited to engage all youth in.  And our leadership team will encourage and prepare the youth we serve to engage as productive leaders in their churches, schools, and communities.

                          "I have set before you life and death, the blessing and the curse.  Choose life, then that you and your descendants may live."

                                                                                                          -  Deuteronomy 30:19


2)  Training to youth and adults on best practices for developing positive leadership and functional group dynamics to their church leadership and programs

Today's youth have very little opportunity on a daily basis to see positive and functional group dynamics being modeled for them.  Is it any wonder why they tend to struggle, especially in today's world?  Our team is dedicated to helping the youth we serve to understand the foundation of building effective teams (what it looks like, sounds like, acts like) through team building activities, talks, and opportunities to apply what they are learning.  Many organizations (businesses, schools, sports teams) from time to time engage in these sorts of activities as there are many organizations out there that provide such training, however in order for any team to become functional and sustain this change, the effort needs a very intentional plan, effort, and dedication in order to remain in existence, otherwise in a short time it fades away.  Therefore, our team is dedicated to staying the course and providing ongoing and continual training at very intentional and key points in a cyclical year to make sure team dynamics stay strong and the team cohesive as they use this functional group dynamic to help others around them to become more functional as well.

" Remember your leaders, those who spoke to you the word of God.  Consider the outcome of their way of life, and imitate their faith."


-  Hebrews 13:7


3)   Consulting services to the Church leadership on how to bring more youth to their respective churches and how to keep them properly involved and safe from all threats of harm (physical and mental) once they decide to come be a part of the church

Some of the greatest people with the greatest hearts come to the church to serve in leadership capacities (priests, nuns, lay persons, etc.).  However, very few churches are able to build strong and functional dynamics with their core leadership teams, and then within the teams that are tasked with various ministries the church has to offer its members.  Operating in the old "silo" style of team, there is a disconnect from other ministries and from the church leadership itself.  This tends to suffocate the wonderful opportunity that exists for the church to be "one church", as limited resources and personnel could be shared and working together to support one another and often times this isn't the case.  While we know this isn't the intention of the effort, our team has seen the damaging effects that come from organizations that struggle and fail to lead effectively.  In the United States, and in the World at large, we have seen great people sit back by the wayside letting evil set in and rule over good people.  In the effort of making sure that our team at Patriots 4 Life "gives back more than we take" we want to both encourage others to step into leadership roles, but as they do this we want to be sure they have the proper tools and training necessary to help them be effective leaders and not just a leader by title.

We also know that our youth need to be protected from all sorts of threats that are out there preying on them on a daily basis.  Whether it be at home, at school, on the athletic field in sports, or even in the church youth can be vulnerable to abuse and danger and they need strong leaders to protect them, as well as needing an education from leaders and their parents that trains them on how to keep themselves safe in every situation they find themselves in as well helping others stay safe as well.  Our team is dedicated to using it's over 200+ years of combined experience with protecting youth to help both adults and youth understand how to be safe, and become leaders to help protect and educate others how to be as well.  We consult with church organizations to provide deep insight into the strengths and weaknesses of policies they have in place to keep their youth members safe, as there are multiple ways predators can find a way around these policies to harm our youth.  Let's work together to protect our youth, discourage predators from pursuing them, and then keeping the honest adults in the system honest by developing policy and a system of safety that removes the temptations to ever harm  one of these little ones.

"But whoso shall offend one of these little ones which believe in me, it were better for him that a millstone were

hanged about his neck, and that he were drowned in the depth of the sea."      


                                                                                                            -  Matthew 18:6

Services We Provide Our Clients

  • Onsite Consultations

  • Motivational Talks

  • Church and School Safety & Security Modeling

  • Positive and Cohesive Church / School Climate Development

  • Leadership Evaluation, Training, & Team Building

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Founder Matt Allner on Modeling Effective Leadership in the Church