Patriots 4 Life

Protecting the foundation that allows youth to reach their full potential

Patriots 4 Life Founder and Executive Director Matt Allner

Meet The Founder

Matt married his wife (Jessica) in 2000 and they have three amazing children.  He has 17 years experience in public education as a science teacher and five years as an Adjunct Assistant Professor at the Graduate School level.  He received his Master’s in Space Studies from the University of North Dakota in 2009 and has worked extensively as a research scientist from 2005-12 where he was also a finalist in the NASA Astronaut Selection Process three times (2004, 2008, and 2012). Research emphasis was in the area of Space Psychology where he developed original research in the areas of Psychosocial Issues for Consideration for Long-Duration Space Flight, as well as STEM Education and Student Engagement programs. He has presented his research at five different international space science conferences from 2006-10, having published over 16 technical papers and abstracts, has been published in professional scientific journals, and his work was featured in an article review by the Smithsonian. Along with providing suggestions for group dynamic development, Matt has also worked in both educational and medical device sales and was a volunteer rescue diver and training officer for the Siouxland Dive Rescue Team for three years.  Prior to his family life and that of being a public educator and science researcher, he was an all-round athlete having played four sports in high school and then baseball in college where he was a professional prospect and was offered a contract to play professionally after completing his college career. All throughout his life, he has received numerous awards for his excellence in academics, athletics, teaching, community service, and his work in research and continues to be involved in a wide variety of leadership opportunities. He deeply believes in and has countless hours invested in community service and public outreach dating back to when he was in middle school where he was involved extensively in the Catholic church and in various youth outreach programs, and as of today has 30 years experience coaching youth sports. Along with recently founding Patriots 4 Life Inc., Matt also finds himself the owner of two small, and successfully growing businesses where he was the founder of Leadership & Legacy LLC in 2015, and is also the owner of a small family-owned painting business in Monument, Colorado where he lives. From the success and model of his businesses he works tirelessly to improve the overall functioning of four primary pillars of society (businesses, church organizations, educational institutions, and youth sports organizations). It is here that he encourages these four pillars to utilize the principles of religion to keep a healthy balance on day-to-day personal interactions with one another through an intentional daily focus on God, the Commandments, and serving others before self. During his free time he still enjoys working out, hiking, camping, rock and snow climbing, mountain biking, surfing, SCUBA diving, hunting, and skiing/snowboarding. But most of all, he enjoys spending quality time with his family.

Matt's Vision To Better Serve Our Nation's Youth

Matt started the idea to build Patriots 4 Life Inc. in response to several growing concerns he saw in society, particularly with the family component and with youth all throughout the world and at home here in the United States. After spending many years of his life both working and volunteering in the public school system, as well as volunteering with churches, youth sports, small businesses, and search & rescue organizations among others, he found that not only were his services needed and welcomed but that the positive impact he made was evident. Targeting these efforts to those organizations that were most in need of his time and talents, and whose budgets were incredibly limited, Matt first started a consulting business by the name of Leadership & Legacy LLC in 2015 to build the effort of bringing free services to organizations that serve youth, focusing his time energy on schools, churches, and youth sports organizations.  Seeing that the need for their services was not only welcomed but that it was producing very evident and quick results, Matt took a leap of faith and decided to humble himself and stepped out of a 17 year career in education and went back to a trade he learned from his father and starting a small family owned painting business in the Colorado Springs area called Allner & Son Painting LLC.  From the proceeds of this business effort, he tithes more than 10% of his total profit on every job and builds a savings account by which he can use to volunteer his time, resources, and expertise free of charge to those who need and want it most.  Matt and his team have a true heart for youth, and after seeing the three year effort and successes of Leadership & Legacy LLC, decided to fully engage in this effort further, starting another business as a financial platform by which to raise money in an effort to continue providing more free services to their existing client base, while seeking out more new clients interested in bringing change to the youth they serve.  In January 2019 Matt established Patriots 4 Life Inc with a group of highly elite individuals he had known for years and could trust---dedicated Patriots from all sectors of American society—military special operators and law enforcement; public educators and school administrators; small business owners and church leaders; elite athletes and sports leaders. And the effort has both grown with a client base of those in need of their services as well as a leadership team and effort that is growing steadily by the year.  The overall goal of his team's effort is to solicit funding support from Foundations and individuals across the United States in an effort to continue to provide free services (consulting, leadership training, motivational speaking, etc.) to the growing number of organizations with limited financial abilities who both directly and indirectly support our youth.  Today they find their efforts slowly  and steadily building in other states such as California, South Carolina, Tennessee, Ohio, Virginia, and Iowa.

                       "If you are a true Patriot at heart, please consider donating to our cause.  We are humble

                       enough as a team of successful leaders in our vocations to know we can't accomplish

                       these goals alone, and we are courageous enough to ask for help ( either your involvement

                       and time, your financial support, or even better--BOTH! ).  In a world that has turned inward

                       to "self" at a time when we need more people to be 'givers' and not 'takers', we know

                       without a doubt there are a large number of amazing American Patriots still out there who

                       believe in America.  We invite you to join us and do something for our nation and it's youth

                       you will one day look back on and be proud that you did.  Come and help be a part of our 

                       effort of being more than just a participant of our nation -- come and help us take ownership

                       of it through a leadership transformation that embeds leadership density into the mindset

                       of our youth.  They are still patiently waiting for us to lead them.  Let's not make them wait

                       any longer. . . "

                                                                             -  Team Patriots 4 Life

Modeling Strong and Positive Leadership

Matt has been a strong leader as an enthusiastic and powerful speaker, consultant, and leader, with a diverse background of both professional and life experiences.  With the world at such a critical turning point—national and personal debt at an all time high, social pressures and competition in school and in sports higher than they have ever been before for our youth, the multitude of external factors chiseling away at marriages and family dynamics, and with the very real spiritual battle for our souls that is waging, Matt and his leadership team will help you see why there is no better time than now to address these issues with positive and realistic solutions as he sheds a very simple light on how we all can protect our relationships and our children by staying the course on what matters most---loving and serving God. From athletics to public education, marriage to fatherhood, science researcher to entrepreneur, Matt will connect with audiences of all ages in ways that will leave you wanting to hear more and desiring to build a stronger relationship with and serve God more than you ever have before.  Matt and his team are truly "Patriots 4 Life"!